Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just some of the most frequently asked Questions that some of our clients have asked.

Q. Do you operate under a contract?

A. Yes, VJC do not operate anywhere or for anyone without an agreed and signed operational contract.

Q. Are you fully trained?

A. Yes all of our operatives have undergone extensive training.

Q. Will someone assess my requirements?

A. Yes a member of our management team will conduct an initial meeting and site survey to discuss all your requirements

Q. Will I have to deal with irate motorists?

A. No, the owner of the offending vehicle only deals with our trained officers and no reference are made to you (our staff id clearly shows our name and id number allowing the owner of the offending vehicle to see that the parking control is our responsibility)

Q. Do I need a minimum amount of land/car parking spaces?

A. No, as long as one vehicle can park, that's enough, and of course there is no maximum amount of space.

Q: What happens if a genuine visitor/authorized vehicle receives a parking notice

A: Once we establish that the visitor is authorized by you, we will cancel the charge notice.

Q: If we have a visitor for the day, how will your operative/s be able to identify this vehicle as authorized to park?

A: We can also supply you with visitor permits, which must be displayed for the duration of there stay. Alternatively, you can phone our controller with the vehicle details.