Self Ticketing

If you prefer to take control of the first step of the management process then the Self Ticketing Solution is for you. Simply complete the Parking Charge Notice and place it directly onto the offending vehicles windscreen. We will supply all the necessary signage, consumables and equipment needed for a professional car park management system.

Standard Self Ticketing

Our PCN self-ticketing system is cost effective, fully enforceable, and an excellent way of generating income as we pay you for every paid Parking Charge Notice that you issue.

Our Self Ticketing system is a far less confrontational method of parking control but still highly effective. As well as solving your parking control issues, for every paid parking ticket issued, you will receive £10.
The self ticketing system has been designed to accommodate the needs for small to medium sized parking area and contains the following

Warning Signs
PCN books
PCN wallets
Agreement / contract

The processing of all parking charge notices and all of the administrative duties are dealt with by VJC. if you need assistance there will be a team member on the end of the phone ready to help