Parking Charge Notices

We will visit your site, perform a full site survey and erect the contractual warning signs, supplied by ourselves, which will state the terms and conditions for parking on the land in clear and prominent positions.

This way we can ensure they are visible and located positions whereby all drivers can see them, this ensures that when a ticket is issued we can enforce it, rather than the driver getting away with the charge by citing inadequate signage.

Following the above, should a vehicle park contravening the terms and conditions our warden will issue a parking charge notice. This is a legally enforceable charge that attaches to the windscreen and outlines the reason for issue and details on how to pay.

Time And dated photographs of the vehicle are taken, in case of any query by the vehicle owner at a later date – these will also be produced in court to prove a vehicle was parked on the land and in clear view of the contractual warning signs.

If, after 28 days the charge remains outstanding, we may request registered keeper details from the DVLA and our legal department pursue the motorist for the charge. During this process, we are bound at all times by the DVLA’s code of conduct for the release and processing of data and The Administration of Justice Act 1970.

Should you wish to cancel any issued parking charge ticket for whatever reason within 14 days, it will be done free of charge. This ensures that only genuine offenders and not customers etc are issued with a parking charge