Parking Charge Notices Appeals

Appeals Procedure

Should you wish to pursue an appeal this must be in writing (appeals will not be dealt with over the phone). To freeze the payment at a lower rate, the appeal must be received at our offices within 14 days of the date of issue of the PCN (it should be noted that all appeals must be received within 28 days of the notice being issued). However, we would issue the following guidance should you wish to pursue this course. A parking charge is issued if a vehicle is parked in contravention of the advertised conditions on property we own, lease or have been contracted to patrol. Please be aware that our signage meets or exceeds the requirements of the British Parking Associations codes of conduct. However, if you feel you have grounds for appeal, please do so within 14 days of issue please ensure your appeal contains the following information or we will be unable to process it:

• Your PCN number
• Your name & full postal address including postcode
• Your vehicle registration number
• The date of the contravention
• Any copies of evidence you have to support your appeal
• Your contact telephone number & email address if relevant
• The final decision on revoking a charge notice rests with our appeals

Photographic Evidence

When a ticket is issued on behalf of VJC we ensure that photographic or CCTV evidence is taken thereby showing the vehicle parked in clear view of a sign and therefore by the actions of parking you are deemed to have accepted all conditions on display.

Unfortunately many of the cases taken to court have been led into the belief that parking charges were not enforceable and by defending a case it would either be not pursued or be thrown out - this advice has come from various internet/advice forums and has resulted in an original charge of £60 costing the defendant at least 3-times that amount, a County Court Judgement being issued and time/money spent by a defendant preparing a defense and attending court.


VJC Parking Management Appeals Dept CKR House 70 East Hill Dartford Kent DA1 1RZ

Parking Charge Notices Appeals

All drivers can appeal against a parking ticket by following the procedure below:

  • All appeals must be in writing only (they will not be dealt with over the phone)
  • All appeals must be received in our offices within 28 days of the date of the issue as dated on the PCN

Please view appeals submitted to POPLA (the independent Appeals body) by defendants that have been refused

Appeals can be made by post or online (we recommend you do so online as postal appeals could be late arriving in our offices due to postal delays

Or by post:


As of 1st October 2012 you will have the right to a fully Independent Appeals Service, POPLA, you must Appeal to us first and should we reject your Appeal we will then forward the documentation and relevant code for you to submit an appeal to POPLA

Please Note: Should payment or appeal of the Parking Charge Notice not be received within 28 days of the date issued, the matter will be passed to our Debt Recovery Agents. At this point, the discounted charge will no longer apply and the charges will have increased as displayed on the PCN and the signage of Contract when the vehicle was issued with the PCN.

Photographic Evidence:

Drivers should note before making an appeal that all vehicles are photographed by digital camera, which is date- and time-stamped showing the reason for issue of the PCN.

Photographs will be passed over to a specialist debt collection agency and used as evidence in any court case against you.

Please note that we do not enter into multiple appeals